Terms and Conditions

General Condition of Use

Scope and Definitions:

The terms and conditions are applied to each services that is offered by Droupr Sdn Bhd (a company registered in Malaysia (Company No.1186345­T)) which registered office located at No, 5430 Tingkat 1, Jalan J9 Fasa 6, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, W.P. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (“Droupr”). The website www.Droupr.com is owned and operated by Droupr.

Defined Terms:

“Droupr” means Droupr Sdn Bhd - the company that connects drivers and passengers for ridesharing.

“Booking Fee” consists of all applicable fee (including the fee for cancellation)

“Booking Confirmation” means when both parties agree to specific terms and a booking is done for ridesharing.

“Conditions” specifies the terms of use, which also include the Good Conduct Charter and privacy policy.

“Cost Contribution” denotes the amount excluding the booking fee that is payable by the passenger

“Driver” means the individual offering ridesharing to a passenger

“Passenger” means an individual who agreed to use the services provided by the driver.

“Service” denotes any kind of service offered by the site to any User.

“Site” means www.Droupr.com

“User” means a Passenger, Driver or any other user of the Site

“Vehicle” means the vehicle offered by a Driver for Ridesharing

Acceptance of Terms

The user agrees to accept these terms before creating an account. These terms and conditions must be accepted in full and user are not permitted to accept only a part of these terms and conditions. All users are required to comply with Good Conduct Charter terms. The utilization of the services that we offer requires that you have understood and comprehend the terms and conditions and you are obliged to comply each and every one of them.

Modifications to these terms:

Droupr reserves the right to modify any service or feature offered on the website at any time without giving user any notice. These modifications could be a result of any technical glitch, virus, tampering, malware or any other reason that could be detrimental to the Droupr's processes and services. However, we will not be held liable for these issues or any and all damages they may cause.


User Account:

User must create an account in order to use the services we offer and be able to provide basic personal information and any other other relevant information that is required by Droupr.

Posting Adverts

As Member, and providing you fulfil the conditions below, you can create and post Adverts on the Platform by entering information about the Trip you intend to make (dates/times and collection points and arrival, number of seats offered, options available, amount of the Cost Contribution, etc.).

When posting your Advert, you can indicate the milestone cities in which you agree to stop, to pick up or drop off Passengers. The sections of the Trip between these milestone cities or between one of these milestone towns and the collection point or destination of the Trip constitute “Legs”.

You are only authorised to post an Advert if you fulfil all the following conditions:

  1. you hold a valid driving licence;
  2. you only offer Adverts for vehicles you own or use with the express permission of the owner, and in all cases that you are authorised to use for the purposes of carpooling;
  3. you are and remain the main driver of the vehicle subject of the Advert;
  4. the vehicle has valid third party insurance;
  5. you have no contraindication or medical incapacity for driving;
  6. the vehicle you intend to use for the Trip is a touring car with 4 wheels and a maximum of 7 seats;
  7. you do not intend posting another advert for the same Trip on the Platform;
  8. you do not offer more Seats than the number available in your vehicle;
  9. all Seats offered have a seatbelt, even if the vehicle is approved with seats having no seatbelt;
  10. to use a vehicle in good working order and which complies with the applicable legal provisions and customs, notably with an up-to-date JPJ road tax.

You recognise that you are solely responsible for the content of the Advert you post on the Platform. Consequently, you represent and warrant the accuracy and truthfulness of all information contained in your Advert, and you undertake to fulfil the Trip under the conditions described in your Advert.

Providing your Advert complies with the T&Cs, it will be posted on the Platform and therefore visible to Members and all visitors, even non-members, conducting a search on the Platform or on the website of Droupr’s partners. Droupr reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to not post or to remove, at any time, any Advert that does not comply with the T&Cs or that it considers as damaging to its image, that of the Platform, or that of the Services.

You recognise and accept that the criteria taken into account in the classification and the order of display of your Advert among the other Adverts are at the sole discretion of Droupr.

No False Information.

The user agrees that all the information provided to us will not be inaccurate or misleading. Droupr is not liable for any information provided by the users that is incomplete, false or misleading.

No Commercial activity and Status of Droupr

The site is strictly limited to offering a platform where drivers and passengers connect to arrange trips. The site may not be used for any commercial purposes. It is strictly prohibited to take any action that intrudes, or has the potential to intrude, in the discretion of Droupr, an absurd or unreasonably large load on the company’s infrastructure. You will not use this site for any purpose that is unlawful and/or prohibited by these Terms, conditions, and notices. You will not use the site for any assumed, untrue, or criminal reservations.

Droupr reserves the rights to suspend/close any account in case a member would be generating profits through the services offered on our website. Drivers must not profit from any kind of trip. The driver is not permitted to generate profits by virtue of the amount of Cost Contribution, frequency of trips etc. No any additional services must be provided by the driver to passenger in order to gain profits including warranty packages, pick-ups etc.

The trips, pricing and other details must be pre-agreed through the website. Droupr will not be held liable in case any breach to these terms is made by the users.

Status of Droupr:

Droupr doesn't offer transport services. It is a platform where users can interact with each other - drivers and passengers and conduct transactions. Droupr does not interfere with any kind of trips, destinations; timings etc and all these things are handled between passengers and drivers. Droupr is not a party and is not liable for any matter arising from the use of services.

Types of Booking and Payment:

Droupr provides a free service where passengers and drivers contact each other, set up a meeting point and agree to several travel conditions such as luggage size, smoking, pets etc. The passengers agree that the service is offered as free and Droupr will not be held liable for any last minute cancellation by driver or failure to arrive on time. Moreover, it is the responsibility of driver to collect payment from passengers at the time of trip.

Droupr will not be contacting any party regarding the payment collection or booking rules. The ridesharing is managed by drivers and passengers.

Cancellation Service:

A cancellation service may be offered by Droupr; however, Droupr is not liable for any risk that may arise out of the cancellation. This cancellation service may entitle Droupr to gain compensation in case a cancellation is made at the time not acceptable as a cancellation period (late cancelation).

The rights to offer cancellation by Droupr are at its sole discretion.

Booking a journey:

Driver will provide the time, planned journey details and cost contributions. Passenger may book one (1) or more seats from our ridesharing platform using our online payment gateway.

An conformation email will be sent to drivers and passengers by Droupr. Booking will be treated as complete as soon as the email is sent to both drivers and passengers. Both parties also agree to be bound by the financial provisions and cancellation terms set out by Droupr.

Both parties reserves the rights to cancel the booking if the information provided are not accurate for safety reasons.

Payment Terms (online payment)

Booking Fee

The booking fee that is charged by Droupr is described below. The booking fee comprises of a fixed amount as well as a varying part where GST is added which is currently 6%. The formula for calculating the booking fee without GST is:

  • 10% of the Cost Contribution per seat from driver and passenger.
  • Additional RM0.50 withdrawal fee from driver.
  • All fees will be deducted before transferring into wallet.

Payment of the Driver

Amount of contribution will be credited to driver’s wallet 72 hours after the completed journey provided that there is no case opened by passenger via resolution center within the timeframe.

The user may withdraw the amount from wallet and the payment will be made by Droupr within 5 business days. No any other means of payment will be provided. Droupr will not be liable for any damage that may occur due to the failure in paying Driver for any reason, or if any fraudulent payment is made by the passenger.

Driver or passenger must provide their bank details to Droupr in order to conduct any transaction. The payment will not be made to any party in failure to do so. The bank details are safely stored in Wallet and are not available to the public.

Droupr will pay the amount only by the bank transfer.

Payment Terms in the event of cancellation

The passenger and the driver agree to the following terms in relation to the payment of refund in regards to the cancellation of trip:

In case of the trip is cancelled by the driver, the passenger will receive a full refund (including the booking fee).

In case of the trip is cancelled by the passenger, the following terms will comply:

  • In the event the passenger cancels the trips 24 hours or more before the agreed time, he/she will be entitled to receive the full refund of Cost Contribution less the booking fee, and the driver will not be compensated.
  • In the event the passenger cancels the trips less than 24 hours before the agreed time, 50% refund will be offered to the passenger and the driver will be compensated 50% of the Cost Contribution.
  • In the event the passenger doesn't arrive on the agreed time and day and cancels the trip, the driver will be compensated the full Cost Contribution less the booking fee and the passenger will not receive any refund.

Amount will be refunded into user's wallet.

Occupied seats may become available immediately after previous cancellation process has been made.


User can withdraw full amount shown on their wallet provided they have completed their Profile (Fullname and Identity Card verification), bank account, and bank name.

Droupr will process the withdrawal and transfer the fund into user's bank account in 5 working days.

Penalty charge of RM5.00 will be imposed to the user if there’s any false, inaccurate or incomplete bank account information. Droupr will deduct the amount from user's wallet. User’s must provide an accurate information accordingly before submitting a withdrawal.

Minimum amount of withdrawal is RM1.50. There will be no additional charges for withdrawal and fund transfer.

Additional financial provisions

The funds/sums that are received by Droupr are placed in a separate deposit bank account with Maybank. The drivers and passengers agree that the interest will not be paid by placing the money in this separate account.

Amount shown on user's wallet is the final amount that can be withdrawn.

Droupr will not make a payment on an account that has not been opened in users's name.

Driver and Passenger obligations:

Driver's obligations:

The driver acknowledges that:

  • They will arrive on time, at the location that is agreed between passenger and the driver;
  • They will inform passengers in case an unexpected change occurs;
  • They agree to contact the passenger and discuss all the changes that are made and get their agreement to this change. In case more than one passenger has paid the bookings and one of them refuses to the change, he/she is entitled to cancel the trip and in that case, a full refund will be provided to him and the driver acknowledges that he/she shall not be paid any compensation for cancellation;
  • They comply with the Good Conduct Charter;
  • They will be waiting for the passenger at least 30 minutes after the agreed time;
  • They will be abiding all the road rules and laws of the nations where they would be driving.

Passenger Obligations

The passenger agrees that:

  • They will reach on time at the location agreed with the driver;
  • They will inform the Droupr or driver in case you wish to cancel the trip;
  • They comply with the Good Conduct Charter?
  • They will be waiting at the agreed location at least 30 minutes after the agreed time;
  • They will be paying the Cost Contribution to the driver and booking fee to Droupr;

In the event passenger or driver fails to follow these terms, Droupr reserves the right to save this information, or publish it on their profile or even suspend their account.


The drivers acknowledge that they must have a proper insurance for each trip or any ridesharing that is offered by them on this site. The driver agrees to show the proper insurance card to passenger (on request) and notify the complete validity of insurance policy. Driver required to have a valid driving license and road tax. The passengers and Droupr have the right to ask for evidence of driver's insurance, license or road tax.

Droupr understands that most insurers hold the view that a passenger that is only concerned about the travel expenses might be treated as traveling for free, and must be covered by compulsory third party insurance. However, Droupr doesn't provide any assurance regarding this and it is the responsibility of driver to verify that the insurance covers it.

Driver and passenger must confirm with each other about the insurance validity. The driver must consider the fact that he/she has a valid insurance policy and is able to carry passengers and also that the policy covers the passengers on any sort of accident that could take place during the trip.

The passenger and driver must understand that the standard non commercial insurance policies are allowed to refuse any coverage regarding the event where driver made an attempt to seek the profits.

The driver must calculate all the expenses and assure that the Cost Contributions requested from passengers is not resulting in the profits.

In case the driver doesn't make profits or insurers refuse to accept claims due to certain reasons, the driver will solely be responsible for financial losses and Droupr will not be liable for any damage.

Droupr reserves the rights to terminate or suspend any account in case of fraudulent.

Emergency Claims:

Droupr will cover up to RM350.00 per incident to all drivers offering active journey on Droupr with the following conditions:

  • Up to three (3) claims in one year can be made by driver with minimum of one (1) booked seat on each claim.
  • Up to one (1) claims in one year can be made by driver with active journey without booked seat.
  • Vehicle insured under first party and with valid road-tax on the date of incident.
  • Last oil-service for vehicle is less than six (6) months on the date of incident.
  • All tyres worn is less than three (3) years on the date of incident.
  • Incident is not due to driver's negligence.

All claims must be sent to support@droupr.com with the original receipt from the tow truck company or managing workshop not less than one (1) month from incident.

Droupr reserve the right to request additional supporting documents in order to expedite the process.

Calendar year start from date of registration.

Dispute Management:

Our resolution center is available to handle disputes from both parties. User may file a case against driver within 72 hours beginning from the time of the journey. Driver will be notified via email regarding the case and will have to respond to the case accordingly.

If no case was opened within the timeframe, the journey will be considered as fully completed and user will no longer able to open a case or dispute regarding the journey.

In case the dispute is not settled, Droupr reserves the rights to hold all the funds paid by the passenger until a resolution is made between both parties.

Case opened via resolution center will be monitored closely by Droupr. If both party failed to come into agreement, user can escalate the case further for assistance after 5 days from the date the case opened. Droupr will take over the case and conclude it within 5 days from the requested date. All decisions made by Droupr is final.

Droupr does not guarantee any resolution of disputes and the service is provided at our sole discretion. It could be terminated at any time.

Phone Verification:

The users must verify their phone numbers. To verify phone number, the user needs to provide phone number to Droupr and a 6-digit code will be sent to user's phone number and it could be validated on the site when register. All message sent to user's number is free of charge.


Droupr will not be referred as to a party to any agreement that is conducted between a Passenger and a Driver, and will not be liable to any of these parties except for the condition when the damage is occurred due to the negligence of Droupr.

Droupr will act reasonably to ensure the website is available 24 hours a day, however, access to our site may be limited due to maintenance, adding new features, or any reason that is beyond the control of Droupr.

The accuracy of the information displayed on website is not guaranteed by Droupr which includes accuracy for liabilities, losses or damages that could be caused as a result of any violation.

Droupr is not liable for any damages such as income loss, contract loss, information loss, info breach etc. Dropur is not liable for any error that is caused due to technical problems. In case a user detects an error, please send us an email at support@droupr.com and Droupr will take appropriate actions to solve the issues as soon as possible.

The users agree that Droupr will not be held liable for any fraudulent use of payments made by a passenger. In that event, Droupr will not be able to compensate to the driver.

In the event the following loss or damage occurs, Droupr will not be liable:

  • False information provided by a user;
  • Not being able to make payment to a Cost Contribution
  • Breach of duty or contract by any passenger or a driver (before, during or after the trip).

Droupr will not be responsible in case any financial, business or any other kind of loss such as loss of reputation, profit loss, loss of savings, loss of opportunity etc that arise as a result of using services provided by Droupr except in some events such as fraud, theft etc.

The liability of Droupr to any user concerning the trips is capped at the sum of RM25.

The user agrees that Droupr will not be responsible for any unpaid cost contribution, booking fee etc unless a claim is notified to Droupr within three months of taking the trip.

Droupr is not liable for any kind of personal injury, loss, or death during the trip.

General Terms:

Suspension or withdrawal of site access:

In case the user does not comply to these terms fully, he/she agrees that Droupr reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend his/her account without any prior notification.

Intellectual Property:

The content, style, format and other materials of this site is protected by Malaysia and international copyrights, and Droupr holds all the rights of the content and other materials. The trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) are reserved by Droupr.

Reproducing, duplicating, modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, selling, transferring, publishing, creating imitative works from or otherwise exploiting for any purpose the content, software, products, services or data found on this site is strictly prohibited.

Content provided by the user:

In the event a user posts any content on the site, he/she grants a license and Droupr reserves the rights to display and share the content on our website and social media accounts. The users agree not to post content that is offensive, misleading or infringes someone's copyrights. Droupr is not liable for any such content and the user who posts the content will be personally liable for any problem arising out of it. The users agree to indemnify Droupr in regards to any kind of liability. However, Droupr promises to delete the content and take appropriate measures as soon as infringement is notified.

Partner Sites:

Droupr holds the rights to rewrite or reproduce any kind of information that is posted on the site or appears on the partner's site. Such as some ads that are posted on sites which are maintained by Droupr might be reproduced or rewritten on sites co-maintained by Droupr or 3rd parties.

Law and Jurisdiction:

The terms and conditions posted on the site will be governed by the law of Malaysia and any or all the disputes that arise regarding these terms will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

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