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Droupr is the platform for long-distance carpooling. With dedicated customer service, state-of-the-art web and mobile platforms, and a highly engaged community of members, Droupr is making road travel fun, money-saving and more efficient. We are always recruiting talented new team members to be part of our exciting story.

Why Join Us?

  1. TECH DRIVEN - We use technologies such as PHP, Objective-C, Swift, Java, IONIC, ReactNative, AngularJS, MySQL, Git, and Redis.
  2. PASSIONATE TEAM - We are a passionate team of people who keep innovation at the core of what we do through real actions and internal events.
  3. UNIQUE CULTURE & BENEFITS - We are among the first company in Malaysia who incentivise non-smoker staff. We believe in creating a healthy environment must start from oneself.

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We are constantly looking for anyone who wish to grow this platform together. If you are good with backend or frontend development, strategic marketing, community builder, wordsmith, or students looking for place to do interns, we are all ears.

Just contact us with your brief resume, and our Talent Monkey (TM) will pick up from there.

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