Droupr is easy. Let us show you how.

    Search for a journey

    • Just search for your location and destination, select from one of trusted driver, book online, and save money on your travel!
    • Didn't find what you are looking for? Driver usualy entered their location by referring to the nearest city or town. So, instead of typing Jalan SS2/81, try Kelana Jaya instead.
    • If the description is not clear enough, you can direct your question on the result page. Driver will try their best to answer all the questions regarding the shared journey.

    Book for a ride

    • Once you have found your perfect ride for your journey, you can proceed to make the contribution and book for the seat.

    • To avoid your booking being canceled by Driver, please complete your profile as details as possible. Please use your realname and profile picture.

    • On top of that, all users can verify their identity card and house address as a plus point. Droupr will manualy verify the identity card, and house address. This will increase your chance to be accepted on the journey.

    It is OK to change your mind. You can cancel your booking before departure and Droupr will refund back your contribution whenever applicable. If driver canceled your booking, you will be refunded 100%. Read our Terms and Conditions for details.


    • Once you have made contribution for the ride, you will receive driver's detail as well as personal phone number.

    • Please update your driver from time to time regarding any changes you might have on the journey via phone number or Droupr's messaging system.

    Just remember the following mantra :

    1. You will reach on time at the location agreed with the driver;
    2. You will inform the driver in case you wish to cancel or ammend the trip;
    3. You will be waiting at the agreed location at least 30 minutes after the agreed time;

    Create a journey. Share your ride.

    • Before you begin, please ensure you have completed your profile and preferences

    • Start by entering your start location and destination, date and time. You can add up to 4 stopovers along the journey to fill up those empty seats you have.
      Hint: Please enter your nearest city or town for better result. So instead of adding Jalan Cenderawasih 4/3, just put Alor Setar and give as much details as possible on the description regarding your pickup and dropoff points.

    • Droupr will calculate and advice you the cost contribution per seat. You can adjust the amount accordingly as long as you are not profiting from the journey.


    • Update your passengers regarding the journey via phone number or Droupr's messaging system.

    • As long as there is no booking for the ride, you can continue editing the journey. Once you received a booking, all changes need to be communicated with passengers.

    Receive fund

    • Cost contribution from passengers will be transfered into driver's Wallet 72 hours after completing the journey. Keep up 5 stars rating for the next four rides, and the credit will be instant!

    Tweak your journey

    Droupr respect your preferences. We have the following configuration for driver to choose and passenger to decide:

      Love to chit-chat along the journey

      Playing music

      No smoking

      Don't mind traveling with pet (this journey might include pet!)

      Ladies only (Only ladies can book)

      Guys only (Only guys can book)

    Should you have any questions regarding the specific journey, just ask directly from the journey page - or message driver directly once you have made the booking.

    Give a review

    • Help others finding the best ride. Leave a review after completing your journey.

    • Users can only read review left for them after they left a review in return. Or wait for 14 days before the review available to public.

    • All users will be notified via email once they receive a review.

    Need assistant?

    Droupr was created with end user in mind. But we agree sometimes our user interface does looks like a flight cockpit.

    So, for every page that you visit, every form that you need to fill up, look out for this icon and click on it for details.

    Or should you need help regarding other matters, just contact us, and we will sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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