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When Hisham was transferred to work in Klang Selangor, he had to commute to Sungai Petani weekly to visit his family there. Tired of commuting alone with a high travelling cost, he often complained about his problems to Shukri. He was bored of driving alone and wished there was a friendly company to ride together heading the same way. Hisham knew there were people like him who travelled alone to the same destination. Shukri saw this as an opportunity for road users to share long distance ride together. He then developed the first carpool prototype, and Hisham agreed to make the platform a reality. And that is how Droupr journey started... 

December 2015 - February 2016


Developing first web based prototype with mobile friendly interface.

March 2016

Make it happen

Hisham proposed the prototype to go for public beta. Lack of graphic talent, Naim joined the team as Brand manager after bumped with Shukri.

He came out with purple as Droupr's main color.

April 2016

Friends Join The Team

After a brief preview of what Droupr is, Nelson, Sabri, Shahidah, and Ramsey joined as Co-Founder to lend their expertise in anyway they can. 

June 2016

Public Beta

As Raya Puasa just around the corner, Droupr opens the door for public access for the first time. Usage is so high that one time it crashed our routing API. Sleepless nights.

Problems, but good problems indeed.

October 2016

Received RM500k

Droupr entered Teraju's SUPERB competition. Won the competition and was awarded with RM500,000 grant from Teraju as seeding capital.

March 2017

Platform under MDEC's eRezeki

Approved by Malaysia Ministry of Multimedia and Communication as one of the partner under eRezeki program.

May 2017

Smartphone App

Launched mobile app on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

September 2017

Moving Out From Garage

After more than a year developing Droupr from odd places, the company now have a (cute) permanent office in Cyberjaya with complete access to gym, sauna, and swimming pool.

More excuses to work late.

Droupr is the culmination of a long-term commitment to community sharing held by the small, dedicated team behind its inception and ongoing evolution. Here are the men (and woman) working overtime to make travelling together safe and easy, the Droupr way.

Sharifah Shahidah
Co-Founder, Media Relations

Focused on maximising Droupr’s presence on Malaysian media networks and to bridge the gap between Droupr users from across the country, to build an awesome community.

Hisham Harun
Co-Founder, Operation & Marketing

Lending his previous experience working with top Malaysian's direct selling company, Hisham is in charge with daily operation of Droupr, as well as recruiting new users. 

Naim Ahmad
Co-Founder, Branding & Design 

Design has dominated much of Naim's life, and that is evident from his quirkly creative talent. In a total brand move, named his scooter to an insect - Belalang Tempur.

Nelson Rizal
Co-Founder, Corporate Relation

Nelson has a beard full of secret.
Involved in the Oil & Gas industry and the boardrooms of several corporations. He now lends his expertise to making Droupr a reality.

Ramsey Rizal
Co-Founder, Lead Tester

He shared the name with a football player but not his kick. Ramsey skills put to great use during his tenure handling multiple roles in IT industry. Droupr's Lead Tester who also happens to be a race driver and race instructor. 

Abdullah Sabri
Co-Founder, Special Project

Sabri keeps things reasonably simple, and so lets his vibrant work. Before joining Droupr, Sabri has been active in the Malaysian telecommunications industry. 

Shukri Saad
Founder, CEO

In between coding, developing, building and listening to Metallica, Shukri has been rock & rolled leveraging his expertise and credentials in Software Engineering with Blackberry, thus he found the time to create Droupr. 

Droupr's Next Ohsem Team Member

We are always looking for new talents that can help us grow locally, and internationaly. If you think you have the passion (and patient) to be part of the journey, and this ohsem family, join us now!

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