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Need a ride?

Start sharing your traveling cost with our trusted users.

What is Droupr?

Droupr is a carpool and ride sharing service in Malaysia that pairs together car owners about to hit the road and passengers who are headed the same way, with the purpose of giving everyone a community-based, safe travelling experience, while everyone shares the cost of travel. And Droupr makes it all possible in just a few taps.

It all comes down to a pretty basic philosophy: we’re all headed the same way, so we might as well #TongTongJe!

Droupr is simple: say you want to drive out from KL to George Town all on your own next weekend - you’d like some friendly company, and maybe a few extra wallets to ease the cost of petrol and tolls. Sign up with Droupr, add the details of your impending trip to our list, and get responses from our community of potential passengers who are headed the same way. They don’t even have to be going all the way to George Town to travel with you - just drop them off where they need to go, say, Ipoh, and even pick up another passenger at your pit stops!
Droupr won’t get in the way: car owners can set their own terms and preferences. Don’t want smokers to tag along with you? You can keep your trip smoke-free with Droupr. Want a passenger with a wicked music playlist to keep the trip lively? Say so! You can even set your passengers’ gender preference so that your next long drive is a girls’ day out, or a bromantic adventure - everything’s customisable!
Here at Droupr, we place everyone’s safety as our top priority. All Droupr members need to register with us using their real names, along with a valid e-mail address and phone number – personal information that Droupr will verify before they can interact with the community. Members can also opt to include their IC numbers and home addresses to engender greater trust. For added security, Droupr members are encouraged to link their profiles with Facebook Connect, so everyone can get familiar with one another well beforehand. You’ll never get into a car with a stranger when you’re on a Droupr trip.

Droupr car owners aren’t cabbies out to make a profit, and we make sure the experience stays true to that community culture. Car owners charge only for a fair share of the trip costs, so that everyone on the trip contributes to a safe and pleasant drive. No one’s driving anyone else around like it’s a job - we’re all friends here! For example, a car with a full load of travellers heading from KL to George Town will only cost each passenger on a Droupr trip somewhere between RM30 to RM45, just to cover travelling expenses. Droupr only charges a small platform fee to cover our overhead.

We’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal for a safe, comfortable journey with awesome people!

Get started by reading our How To. Or should you have any further questions, we are just one click away.

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